Welcome to Bright Kids

Bright Futures

We offer a unique blend of expertise and family-centered consultation for parents of children with development and learning challenges.

Our research-based approach utilizes specific parent training techniques and home programming activities that foster more positive learning outcomes and the development of bright futures.

We provide practical solutions to learning that will: 

  • Help you identify where your child's breakdown in learning is occurring

  • Provide you with specific exercises/activities that focus on strengthening neurodevelopmental weaknesses 

  • Empower you as the parent to be a more active advocate in your child's learning 

  • Improve the parent/child relationship while reducing power struggles related to school, homework, and learning


—  Emily, mother


"[We were] so surprised that the exercises worked to improve our daughter's behavior and her bathroom experiences! We have been trying everything since she has been 2 years old...if I known it was this easy, I would have started this a LONG time ago! I also had no idea that her bathroom issues impacted her learning and behaviors as much as they did. As I parent, I have learned so much about how to help her with controlling her body on her own and understanding what impacts her body/behaviors."

—  Emily, mother